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The business world of today is changing at a faster pace than 10, 5 or even 2 years ago. 2025 is not in the distant future, its tomorrow and your finance teams need to be future-focused and able to adapt to what’s in store.

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The term “employee analytics” is becoming more prevalent in the modern organisation. Much like “customer analytics”, employee analytics can give vast insight into the psyche and behaviour of your internal staff. So why don’t companies look at employees like customers? And why do some see it as HR’s “credibility” ticket back to the Boardroom table?

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Roy Clark, MD of Clarkhouse Human Capital, recently moderated a thought leadership session where 20 CFOs were invited to discuss the role of transformation and diversity in the workplace, and what the role of a CFO is in fostering this. In this self-penned piece, Clark delves into why transformation and diversity are such misunderstood notions, and looks at how corporate South Africa can make these ideas work within their organisations.

“I was very anxious to broach this topic, due to its sensitive nature, and so was rather sceptical as to the outcome. My fear was mainly that these leaders would just say what people wanted to hear and not really dig deep into the emotional and psychological diversity issues for consideration. I was wrong, so wrong. Not only did the CFOs show up, they completely blew me away with their passion and dedication to the subject and made me realise what a truly exceptional country we live in, with extraordinary leadership qualities in the CFO environment.”

By Roy Clark, MD of Clarkhouse Human Capital


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