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“Women hold the key to fundamentally shifting our businesses and the growth and development of women in the workplace should be high priority.” Finance Indaba 2016.

Two vibrant women whose dynamism and energy radiates throughout the room sat down with Roy Clark from Clarkhouse Human Capital and discussed their views of women and success. To say it was inspiring is an understatement, these two women shared such powerful messages that even the most astute and experienced business person would walk away with a burning passion to succeed in their belly. Although tiny in stature Jo-Ann Pohl, Group CFO of Telesure Investment Holdings Ltd is anything but small, in her career, in her perspective and in her bubbling energy. Mary Vilikazi, CFO of MMI Holdings, has softly spoken words that are anything but quiet. Her wisdom, advice and outlook resonated deeply with all in the room, and made us all tilt our heads a little closer towards this humble woman’s guidance.

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The business world of today is changing at a faster pace than 10, 5 or even 2 years ago. 2025 is not in the distant future, its tomorrow and your finance teams need to be future-focused and able to adapt to what’s in store.

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The term “employee analytics” is becoming more prevalent in the modern organisation. Much like “customer analytics”, employee analytics can give vast insight into the psyche and behaviour of your internal staff. So why don’t companies look at employees like customers? And why do some see it as HR’s “credibility” ticket back to the Boardroom table?

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