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I recently had the privilege of spending 10 days with Stan Slap, New York Times and Wall St. Journal bestselling author and renowned thought leader about business culture. Stan is also the CEO of SLAP, the international consulting company that specializes in gaining maximum commitment in employee, management and customer cultures. Stan and his company have been thinking, writing and consulting around organisational culture for over 20 years. He knows how these cultures really work and how to get them to really work for you. This is why the SLAP organization has achieved legendary performance impact for many of the world’s most successful companies, including Google, HSBC, Microsoft, Facebook, Viacom and many more.

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A reflection of the Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day

Perception and paradigms, choices in a split second, fear, legacy, internal dialogues, stereotypes. These and many more impasses were brought up throughout the day in response to the question of: Diversity – why are we getting it so wrong? But before we delve into the vast abyss of blame and retribution it’s important to understand that this question morphed and weaved throughout the Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day between speakers, between guests, between the silence of every uncomfortable question about race, sexuality, gender, age or passion and between what was and what can be, for at the end the question was not why are we getting it so wrong, but rather, how can we get it right? And this above everything else is what Clarkhouse Human Capital was offering, a chance to stop what we’re doing, what we’re doing so wrong, and changing. For the sake of humanity.

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Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day

If there is only one conference you attend this year…this should be it!

In Prepare to have your mind blown, we showcased a few of the speakers that will be centre stage on 5 October 2017 at the Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day. I had the privilege of having conversations with a few more incredible speakers that are lined up for the day and gleaned further insight into what to expect on the day.

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