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Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day

If there is only one conference you attend this year…this should be it!

In Prepare to have your mind blown, we showcased a few of the speakers that will be centre stage on 5 October 2017 at the Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day. I had the privilege of having conversations with a few more incredible speakers that are lined up for the day and gleaned further insight into what to expect on the day.

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By: Deborah Booth, Director at Clarkhouse Human Capital

So if gender diversity is such a hot topic – why has nothing changed in SA? This is a question my business partner and I found ourselves asking last year. After so many years of companies talking about diversity being important and the promotion of women in business being critical why is it that at Executive and Board levels the numbers have hardly increased over the past 20 years?

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By: Roy Clark - MD of Clarkhouse Human Capital

I recently read an article about an ‘anti-diversity’ memo from a guy that works at Google. (Titled “Googles Ideological Echo Chamber”).  It caused a massive outcry from within Google as well as industry thought leaders. In fact it lead to the firing of senior software engineer James Damore. On a high level, James stated that Google is weakening its own organization by driving conservatives (like him) away and Google has therefore created discriminatory practices in order achieve a more equal gender and race representation. James had his say around ‘psychological differences’ between men and woman and paid the price by losing his job for implying that policies aimed at driving gender and racial change create discrimination towards him.

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