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What is employer branding and why is it important?

An employer brand is the identity of a company as an employer, what sets it apart and makes it the place where the up and coming top talent want to work. Your values cannot be viewed as window dressing to your brand, but should be made clear during all interactions with the organisations staff and representatives. Attracting skilled, talented employees has always been of the utmost importance, but has become increasingly challenging over the years, setting yourself apart, for the right reasons, should be paramount in your recruitment strategy.

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Diversity within the workplace, at its most basic, means the inclusion of all.  Inclusion, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation and disability, and although corporate South Africa is embracing diversity and transformation in the workplace, there are still areas that need much work.

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Roy Clark, MD of Clarkhouse Human Capital was recently asked to talk at a breakfast for the 30% Club in South Africa. The 30% Club is a group of Chairmen, CEOs and senior partners of organisations internationally that are committed to bringing more women onto boards because they believe it’s good for the overall effectiveness of the boardroom – and therefore good for business. Focus is also placed on the executive pipeline to create sustainable change.

The aim is to achieve the 30% goal of women on boards by 2018 in South Africa.  The campaign has achieved notable success in a relatively short period of time internationally.

So the request to speak at such a prestigious event with so many leading ladies in the room was a slightly daunting task. However, by focusing on his true passion for gender transformation in the workplace and his personal belief that everyone (no matter what your limitations are) can be whoever they want to be, Roy was able to speak from the heart.

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