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Exploring opportunities outside of the traditional work model

You are probably asking yourself what the Gig Economy is. There are various answers that we’ve uncovered but according to Forbes Magazine it’s a model to describe where the future of work is heading. It is a hub where people don’t rely solely on one employer or job to pay their salary but rather on a number of different projects, contracts, tasks or “gigs”.  Although buzzwords such as contingent workers, on-demand workers, and short-termers have been around for a few years, never before have there been so many people creating a network of talent hubs throughout the world by being “nonemployer” businesses, i.e. they only employ themselves. It is now possible to sell thousands of products without needing any workers to create or distribute it.  According to a recent study done by Elance oDesk, the American workforce is now 34% freelance. A startling number considering this works out to about 53 million people.

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