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It is safe to say that most business owners want to grow their company by attracting the right talent. The dichotomy however is that a new business doesn’t generally have an abundance of cash to enable them to hire and attract the best talent. This dilemma invariably stunts the growth of their business, leaving them at a demoralising dead end.

So how do you grow your business and attract talent without the monetary resources to do so?

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As a business owner as well as a talent specialist, I’ve been asked this question countless times; “When do I know it’s time to hire staff?” I can answer this very simply by comparing your business to a wardrobe and your staff to your clothes. “When do you know it’s time to buy new clothes?” Is it because you need a new image? You need a new outfit for an important occasion? You are trying a new sport and need the required kit? Your current clothes are losing their quality as they’re being worn too often? You have far too many occasions to go to for the number of clothes you have? You are using the same pair of shoes for work, running and the beach?

From a business perspective I have put it into 6 simple signs that you can look out for to know that you’re ready to take the plunge and hire.

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A Breakfast Seminar with a Difference.

Clarkhouse Human Capital was the mastermind behind an intimate discussion between some of the top thought leaders and innovation pioneers in South Africa and abroad. An exclusive “by invitation only” event held on Thursday 22nd October at the elegant Private Room Conference Centre in Kyalami, hosted some of South Africa's top CFO’s, CEO’s, Human Capital Strategists and Talent Directors at a thought provoking breakfast gathering.

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