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“It cannot be emphasized enough, how the working world, corporate practices, resourcing and talent management are fundamentally changing right before our eyes. Those businesses that stay on-top or ahead of the innovation curve are the ones that will survive. The rest will perish in a sea of red tape, administration and outdated practices.” Roy Clark, MD of Clarkhouse Human Capital

This is a bold statement, but in this day and age we need to be bold. We need to disrupt, we need to innovate, we need to challenge and we need to think differently. Businesses are not going to survive if HR remain constricted by processes, administration, a lack of understanding, a lack of integration and pivotally, a lack of skilled resources.

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GIBS HR for Corporate Innovation Breakfast on the 9th May 2016

In this competitive world, innovation is seen as a key competitive advantage for most businesses to stay ahead of the pack. Concurrently, most companies claim that their Human Capital is their most important asset. Why is it then that these two scenarios fail to interconnect?

This is an extremely prevalent question in today’s changing employment landscape. If HR fails to adapt and innovate, businesses fail to adapt and innovate and they will then ultimately fall short of their competitors.

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It is safe to say that most business owners want to grow their company by attracting the right talent. The dichotomy however is that a new business doesn’t generally have an abundance of cash to enable them to hire and attract the best talent. This dilemma invariably stunts the growth of their business, leaving them at a demoralising dead end.

So how do you grow your business and attract talent without the monetary resources to do so?

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