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Search Services - Local and International

At Clarkhouse Human Capital we provide search services both locally in South Africa as well as across the African continent.

With the rapidly changing workforce and business landscape, your business needs to continuously adapt, expand, change and grow to keep up with competitors and more importantly, stay ahead of them.

At ClarkHouse Human Capital we understand this need and have the ability to offer a bespoke search service for candidates in middle management to executive roles across Africa. These critical vacancies are addressed efficiently and effectively allowing your business to grow and prosper.

ClarkHouse Human Capital boasts an extensive database and network of highly qualified, scarce skilled candidates to suit your business needs. Our staff are highly qualified professionals with the ability to understand a complex and difficult job spec due to their specialised industry and business experience and knowledge. This equates to the ability to match the right person with the right company.

Contact Clarkhouse Human Capital today for more.

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