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About us

TO RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS – This is the core purpose of ClarkHouse Human Capital. It is the ethos we use and the foundation of all we do.

We are a human capital business enabler.

Lifting our clients through value added professional services and lifting skilled professional individuals to find their niche in this rapidly changing world.

With our ‘Future Focused Human Capital’ mind-set, ClarkHouse is well equipped to assist organisations in finding their human capital needs of tomorrow, today and assisting professionals to remain relevant in the marketplace. We are able to coach, mentor and guide both clients and candidates by using the latest in modern assessment techniques such as EQ, PAP, FCA and CPP in order to gain more insight into Human Capital personal capabilities and strengths.

The unique offering of ClarkHouse Human Capital bridges the gap between overpriced search firms / professional services consultancies and the one dimensional solutions offered by traditional recruitment agencies.


Our Values

1 Family

2 Transparency

3 Professionalism

4 Integrity

5 Passion for People and Service



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